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About Us

Where luxury Meets Value

Signature Havens offer an affordable, fresh opportunity that enables you to sample some of the most prestigious resorts in the world for a fraction of the normal price.  We pride ourselves in dedication to provide an unrivaled standard of service, from Thailand to the UK enjoy anything form a short getaway, a weekend or midweek break in the UK to a family holiday in the States.
All booked by us with you in mind through our exclusive concierge service from the very comfort of your own living room.

The Facts

In theory Bonus weeks are a great, but like a lot of theories the bonus week can fall down in actual practice.  We have all visited resorts with lots of unsold accommodation, accommodation that we would like to use – perhaps extend our week’s stay to two, or if we’re really lucky three, weeks relaxing holiday.

With all those weeks of unoccupied luxury  accommodation just sitting there empty you would think access to them would be easy, think again! The problem, in fact the only problem, with Bonus weeks is getting access to the week you want at the resort you want, at the time you want. We believe you should be able to choose the resort you want, when you want.

Luckily at Signature Havens we do  things a little differently and we like to think that we may have gone some of the way to solving the bonus weeks breaks conundrum.

The additional week break formula is quite simply a tad less complex than those of you who have attempted to holiday using an RCI Bonus week.

We access first rate exchanges because we do this-

Deal direct with the resort owner
Over many years forge lasting relationships with said owner
Have expert dedicated staff
Never deal with a middle man
whose sole task to is source your bonus weeks
Avoid exchange companies
Put our customers in the driving seat in terms of resorts chosen
Never require an exchange
Deal only booking fees and avoid membership and subscription systems
Offer choices in America, Asia, Europe and UK.
Deliver on all our promises
Always aim to deliver more than promised